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Horse Board Games

Surprisingly there are a few different types of horse board games available. Most are focused on the sport of horse racing. Here are a list of some horse board games that you can buy with some information about each game.

Longshot (link to nice video review of this board game)
Players: 3-8 players
Designer: Chris Handy
Suggested ages: 10 & up
includes 10 little plastic race horses that you move around a racetrack game board, looks fun.

Horse Fever (More Game info here)
Players: 2-6 players
Designer: Lorenza Silva, Lorenza Sorrentino
Suggested Ages: 10 & up.
game which allows you to play a rich horse racing bettor who will stop at nothing to win. tactics include fixing races, bribing bookmakers, making horses fall asleep and even borrowing money from the mob to cover bets.