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Koei Finally releases an English version of their famous horse racing games, it's called Champion Jockey. Read more now.

Horse Games are some of the best and most addictive games you can play. I especially love games where you can own, breed and train race horses. The graphics for many of these games are stunning on the new game systems such as x-box 360, playstation 3 and the nintendo wii.

Our site offers information about all games, toys and play things that feature horses. Because children and adults alike, enjoy playing with horses and things related to them.

From rocking horses to horse video games, you can find it here at The site for horse games. So quit, horsing around and get to surfing our site.
Horse Board Games
Surprisingly there are a few different types of horse board games available. Most are focused on the sport of horse racing. Here are a list of some horse board games that you can buy with some information about each game.

Longshot (link to nice video review of this board game)
Players: 3-8 players
Designer: Chris Handy
Suggested ages: 10 & up
includes 10 little plastic race horses that you move around a racetrack game board, looks fun.

Horse Fever (More Game info here)
Players: 2-6 players
Designer: Lorenza Silva, Lorenza Sorrentino
Suggested Ages: 10 & up.
game which allows you to play a rich horse racing bettor who will stop at nothing to win. tactics include fixing races, bribing bookmakers, making horses fall asleep and even borrowing money from the mob to cover bets.
Horse Toys are a popular gift for children and adults. Check out some of these horse toys and links to popular horse toys.

Wooden Rocking horses are a great toy for children. They love to rock and play on them. Another popular toy is a Horse on a stick, kids like to pretend that they are riding the stick horse.

Horse and Pony toys for girls

There are real toys for real horses too. These toys for your horse are really funny, check out these real horses playing with some big toys.

Horse watches and pretty painted model horse toys here.

Breyer Horses are beautiful hand-painted horses. They make great gifts for all ages. The world’s ‘most asked for' horses since 1950! Hand-painted and accurately detailed – no two are exactly alike.

Here is a jockey costume for your son or daughter. This would make a neat Halloween costume for a horse fan. It even includes a jockey's whip.

Cool Horse Desktop Derby Game

Horse Racing Game From VS Horse

Remote Control Horse Racing Game, features micro sized infrared controllers. 4 players can challenge each other at one. This one looks fun!

Online Horse and Horse Racing Games, Internet Horse Games

Howrse - With Howrse, breed horses or ponies, and discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center. Online Horse Game

Horse Games Online Flash Horse Games

Cool Online Horse Game With Nice Graphics From Japan Racing Association, Its all in Japanese but you can kinda figure out how to lay it anyhow

A free horse genetics game, with a focus on breeding Hunters & Jumpers.

Link to a fun online playable horse racing game

Nice List of Free Online horse games

Horse Racing Jockey 3d Fantasy Game Online

12 Free Online Horse Games You Can Play Right Now

Virtual Horse Racing Game From the - Fun and Cool Game

Horseland: Play a free and fun horse game
At Horseland you can own, breed and show your very own horses and dogs

Horse Isle - Horse Isle is a vast multi-player horse based world. It allows for many players to interact while searching for wild horses roaming the lands. Once you have a horse, you can train it, take care of it, and compete with other players. A great place for any aged player to have fun.

Girls love horses, so it is only natural that they would want horse games for a special occasion.

Bella Sara Horse Game (Beautiful Sara) - a fun magical horse game that is geared for girls

Horse and Pony toys for girls

Club Pony Pals
Video games are very sophisticated today, much more so than the old Atari and Nintendo consoles once were. Many of today's games can be played as multiplayer against others in real time over the internet.

Some of these games require you to input a code to redeem time to play the games themselves. Sometimes when loading a game on say your pc you are required to give a serial code to show that the game itself has been properly purchased and not illegally copied. These serial codes first became popular with software like Microsoft Windows and are still widely used today.

There is also something known as a Cheat Code, cheat codes allow you to access features or parts of the game that would normally be unavailable to you. Sometimes a cheat code will allow you unlimited lives or ammunition in a game. A cheat code may allow you access to previously denied characters or levels that may need to be unlocked in normal game play.

Horse games also use such cheat codes to gain better skills, power ups, or to unlock better horses and other goodies in the game.

As you can see codes are an important part of modern day video games. So protect your codes, you never know when you will need one in your next video game adventure.